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Our Keyboard Solution For

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Commaboard provides an alternative way to control the Eizo IP Decoder / Video Wall.
Commaboard for Eizo is a soft keyboard which can be displayed on any size windows touch screen.

All the keys are ergonomically laid out.
it will display any information sent back from the Eizo to the keyboard, such as the camera number, monitor number and any other client generated messages.

The Commaboard is not only laid out in a logical and ergonomic way, but the keys can also be rearranged to suit certain custom requirements.  Keys can even be hidden from certain operators should it be needed.
The APEM, windows joystick, can be placed to suit left OR right-handed operators.

The Apem joystick can also be readily replaced if it gets badly worn, without the need to return the whole Commaboard for repair. Simply unplug the faulty joystick unit and plug in the replacement. 
The Commaboard is an extremely flexible controller and will help tidy up any command room.

Our Keyboard Solution For

EIZO_Logo.svg (1).png

Our Eizo Solution was actually installed at Westminster Group's trade and open day on 3rd September this 2021. The event was a huge success and you can read more about it by clicking the this link

Here we are controlling the Eizo decoder software using the CommaBoard in conjunction with Weytec's SmartTOUCH Keyboard, for the perfect control room solution.

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